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Tools for Tools Episode 002 – Enjoy Your Exercise

Even though Hardee and Tom are as active as you might think, it’s not necessarily about the exercise for them. Or is it? Getting down and dirty with something that you might enjoy but also keeps you fit is an important tool in being healthy and ready to face life’s challenges. The guys talk about […]

Butterflies and Dragonflies, facing my ego and finding love

When I dove head first into birding it became a borderline obsession pretty fast. A way to put my troubles in check and get satisfaction in becoming better at something new daily. I chased birds up and down the east coast like a man possessed. Possessed by that deep need inside me to be good […]

Tools for Tools Episode 000 – Intro

In this intro episode, Tom and Hardee talk about how they met, their first camping trip together, and what they hope to accomplish with their new podcast. Enjoy and be sure to check back here for future episodes or subscribe through iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts!

Recovering With Birds

Here’s a piece I wrote for New Hope Audubon, which chronicles my story and how I came into the world of birds… Read the Story